Intifada Offspring was a platform for artist from Palestine and Israel and other geographic regions who have dedicated their work to the artistic deconstruction of the so-called “middle-east conflict”. The collective was considering Palestinian, Israeli and international perspectives of individuals who have been born into the realities of this conflict: those who live in an occupied land, those who live in Israel, those who have chosen or have been forced to leave their homeland and, finally, those who are searching for a peaceful co-existence in this region.

The name Intifada Offspring – as introduced with a video-work by Tel Aviv based artist Ran Slavin and showing upon a re-edit of an american TV series a reflection on the pointless, vicious and endless loop that the involved sides are engaged in - represents the urge for a change of perspectives on the Middle-East region and struggles for political stabilization and peace.

This release, Bizz Circuits play Intifada Offspring Volume 1: Nishbar Li Ha’Zayin was the first document in a planned series of releases, virtual and real-life based actions and artistic statements, which aimed to establish a network of artists, where creative confrontations were possible.

Intifada Offspring was looking for spaces devoid of walls, barbed wire, dogmatic barriers and prejudices. It was trying to find a basis of communication and work, which breaks through the limitations of categories such as: Jew and Arab, Jewish and Muslim, Israeli and Palestinian. This approach wanted to set up an ongoing process of establishing various joints and independent artistic co-productions ...